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Posted July 31, 2013 -
YouTube footage of Gathering of Eagles
YouTube footage of Gathering of Eagles: Convergence for a Pipeline and Tanker Free BC, which was held at the Cultural Center in June.  The Doukhobors and Friends for Peace Choir can be viewed in the 1st link (the synopsis). 

Gathering of the Eagles Conference Synopsis
Grand Chief Stewart Phillips
Joan Phillip, Lands Administrator, Penticton Indian Band Council
Gerald Amos

Peter Julian

Wayne McCrory, Valhalla Wilderness Society

Posted June 6, 2013 -
KRUNA Gathering of Eagles Event anWonderful Success

Convergence for a Pipeline and Tanker Free BC, held June 2nd, at the Brilliant Cultural Center in Castlegar was a successful merging of groups, cultures and nations on behalf of important issues which concern people, our province and planet.

View a selection of event photos by Keith Wiley (photos in Acrobat pdf format) ....
Read a Press Release by Wayne McRory (Valhalla Wilderness Society) ...


Posted April 19, 2013 - Updated Announcement -
Pipeline and Tanker-Free BC Events Take Flight, Landing in Castlegar, June 2nd
and Nelson, June 1st

GATHERING OF EAGLES: Convergence for a Pipeline and Tanker Free BC will be landing June 2nd, at the Brilliant Cultural CenterinCastlegar, at 1 PM to 5:30PM. This important event will feature Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs and Joan Phillip, Penticton Band Councillor; First Nations Traditional singers, Peru, Alberta & BC; Gerald Amos, Former Chief Councillor of the Haisla First Nations, Kitimat;Peter Julian MP NDP Energy and Natural Resource Critic; Alex Atamanenko MP BC Southern Interior; power point presentations by Valhalla Wilderness Society-Wayne McCrory & Kootenays for a Pipeline-Free BC-Keith Wiley; the Doukhobors and Friends for Peace Choir, directed by Elsie Campbell and informational displays. Edited video footage of this event will be posted on YouTube.

Everyone is welcome to arrive early, to participate in a special Doukhobor prayer meeting, blended with First Nations prayers, with emphasis on prayers for the Earth, led by Ernie Verigin, from 10 AM to 11 AM.

In addition, it's not too late to join the Doukhobors and Friends for Peace Choir, and membersextend a warm invitation to people of all cultures and youth.The remaining practices will be held at the Brilliant Cultural Center at 1 PM, April 28th, May 5thand May 26th. 3 chosen songs can be viewed and printed when you "click" at the bottom left corner of this page.

In conjunction with these events, Alex Atamanenko will host an Informal Panel & Round Table Discussion entitled: Pipelines, Tankers and Energy Policy. It will be held June 1st, at the United Church in Nelson, at 7PM to 9PM and will feature Peter Julian, Alex Atamanenko and Special guests.

These events are framed to clarify the impacts of the proposed Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipelines, omnibus bills, C-38 and C-45, and increased tar Sands production,along with options which will best serve BC.

Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposes to ship over half a million barrels of Tar Sands heavy oil daily from Alberta through northern BC to the coast of Kitimat, where it would be exported in tankers to U.S. and Asian markets. The Kinder Morgan pipeline, which spans from Edmonton to Burnaby, proposes to expand transport volume to a tanker per day to U.S. and Asian markets.

The pipelines would cross ecologically sensitive areas, including hundreds of rivers and streams, the Great Bear Rainforest and mountainous and landslide-prone terrain. Oil tankers and super tankers are proposed to cross the Burrard Inlet and Hecate and Queen Charlotte straits which are recognized as the 4th most dangerous waters in the world. The potential for irreparable environmental,economic and social destruction is enormously high. Some experts state, "It's not a matter of if an oil spill will occur, but when."

Suggested Minimum Donation $10   Youth - Free

To volunteer or for more information please contact: 250-825-4517 or
Gathering of Eagles is sponsored by Kootenay Region Branch United Nations Association in Canada, KRUNA, USCC Working Groups, Nelson Chapter Council of Canadians NCCoC, Valhalla Wilderness Society, Kootenays for a Pipeline- Free BC, Lower Columbia All First Nations, MIR Center for Peace, Eco Society, Regional District of Central Kootenays Area I, and Peter Rezansoff.

A printable copy of the Choir song sheet can be downloaded here, words in both Russian and English. 

Download audio file (MP3) - Stchastleev Tot

Download Lyrics - Russian and English


Download audio file (MP3) - Vstavayta seeley novayee

Download Lyrics - English and Transliterated Russian

Download audio file (MP3) - Veeleekeey Boh

View-Download Gathering of Eagles poster


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