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The Children's Orchard Russian Exposure Preschool provides a unique opportunity for children to be exposed to a second language in a nurturing, fun, and caring environment.


The Preschool is hosted in the bright, spacious lower level of the Brilliant Cultural Centre, where children aged 3 and 4 have an amazing opportunity to learn, create long-lasting friendships and become familiar with a second language.

Certified instructor, Sharon Nazaroff, is exceptionally gifted when it comes to caring and nurturing the children who attend. Sharon is always excited about what CORE has to offer. "As a bi-lingual, parent participatory preschool, there are many benefits," explains Sharon. "The children are gently exposed to the Russian language which may help them start thinking in more exploratory ways. Parents are involved and are actively helping their children and others to learn. It is an excellent way for relationships to grow on all levels."

The licensed pre-school thrives within a structured, friendly environment. There is a good balance between "free-play" and organized activities, which include crafts, singing, storytelling, and a basic review of numbers and the alphabet, in both English and Russian.

In September, 2009, CORE celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Its legacy and continuation are due largely to the passion and talent of its instructors and the support it has received from the community. "This is our fourth year at CORE Pre-School," says Karen Popoff, President of the Parent Executive Committee and pre-school parent. "My two children have thoroughly enjoyed their experience and I feel particularly privileged to be a part of such a unique and fantastic program."


Registration for the upcoming September school year has already begun. Please contact Sharon at the preschool at 250.365.3613 ext. 23 or email Registration packages for the upcoming year are available here online by PDF.    


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